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INTERACTION is a European Commission FP7 project which started at the 1st October 2013 and is planned to end at the 30th March 2016. European Commission FP7 INTERACTION project aims to propose new procedures, technologies and tools for enhancing time-efficient turnaround airport operations by looking for improvements in each process individually, as well as an overall coordinated way with common goals: to minimize the global turnaround time and to reduce the effects of perturbations that may appear in any of the airport sub-processes during turnaround. This research extends to the ground side existing concepts developed for the airside in related European research programmes as SESAR. The project solutions are structured in 5 knowledge groups:

  • 1. Airport terminal operations: “Advanced concepts and techniques for time efficient passenger and baggage processes”
  • 2. Air freight operations: “Advanced concepts and techniques for time efficient freight operations”
  • 3. Ramp operations: “Advanced concepts and techniques for fleet, mobile vehicles and equipment management in the apron area”
  • 4. Green concepts: “Green concepts and techniques for apron operations”
  • 5. New tools developments: “Definition of a new extended information management platform and decision support tools”